A missed opportunity for the European Court of Justice: the Achbita case


In examining the changing dynamics of the religious phenomenon in contemporary societies, legal reasoning has often employed terms that can give only the illusion of scientific precision. Terms such as “secularism” and “religion” have been often used as they could automatically designate neutral categories. Agostina Pirrello sheds some light on some of the most pressing legal quesions in Europe today.


Transforming Christianity? One Heretical Idea

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Martin Kočí draws a precise interdisciplinary Portrait of one of the most original thinkers of the past century:
The Czech phenomenological philosopher Jan Patočka (1907-1977) is famous for committing a number of intellectual heresies throughout his professional career. Moreover, the title of his widely read master piece Heretical Essays in the Philosophy of History suggests that the transgression of boarders is somewhat a custom.


Michel de Certeau: Ein kurzes Portrait


Foto Groeller
Foto von Silke Lapina

Der französische Jesuit und Religionshistoriker Michel de Certeau (1925-1986) avanciert gerade zum akademischen Geheimtipp. Dabei zählt er sicherlich zu den im deutschsprachigen Raum noch bisher weniger bekannten Autoren, die man gemeinhin unter der Überschrift des Poststrukturalismus versammelt weiß. Martin Eleven gibt ein kurzes Portrait von Michel de Certeau.