Exploring Human Dignity Together

We can make some exciting and probably unexpected discoveries when theological ethicists explore human dignity. Guest Editors Katharina Mairinger and Nenad Polgar give an insight into the new JRAT issue Exploring Human Dignity: Foundations and Applications that Transform Contemporary Society.


Understanding theology as mediation?


Currently most forms of direct communication are transformed into mediated communications: conversations, work, art, believe and even liturgy are forced to invent new forms of mediation. Do these radical changes call for a theological reflection? František Štěch writes about the theological meaning of mediation. Weiterlesen

Time to renew the Church’s commitment to women

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An urgent call for an encyclical on women at the occasion of the 70 years’ jubilee of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Ingeborg Gerda Gabriel asks the church to immediately take action.


Religion Sinicized and China modernized


Can the normalization of ties between China and the Vatican help everybody address one of the most urgent issue in the world – the reform of the Chinese state and its adaptation to the modern/western world? This is a crucial question at the time of a landmark agreement whereby for the first time ever the Chinese government in principle recognizes a separation of state and religion. Eminent sinologist and journalist Franceso Sisci gives a detailed account.

This article was first published in settimananews.it on September 21, 2018


A missed opportunity for the European Court of Justice: the Achbita case


In examining the changing dynamics of the religious phenomenon in contemporary societies, legal reasoning has often employed terms that can give only the illusion of scientific precision. Terms such as “secularism” and “religion” have been often used as they could automatically designate neutral categories. Agostina Pirrello sheds some light on some of the most pressing legal quesions in Europe today.