Religion Sinicized and China modernized


Can the normalization of ties between China and the Vatican help everybody address one of the most urgent issue in the world – the reform of the Chinese state and its adaptation to the modern/western world? This is a crucial question at the time of a landmark agreement whereby for the first time ever the Chinese government in principle recognizes a separation of state and religion.  Eminent sinologist and journalist Franceso Sisci gives a detailed account.

This article was first published in on September 21, 2018


Die Sprache der Spiritualität tauber Christ/innen


Die Hamburger Gebärdensprachlerin Siggi Kirch (im Bild) und der Wiener Liturgiewissenschaftler Pre­drag Bukovec stellen sich der Frage, wie taube Christ/innen im Gottesdienst nicht mehr als ka­ritative Betreuungsobjekte verstanden, sondern als mündige Glaubenssubjekte und aktiv Teilnehmende im Sinne der Li­turgiereform des Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzils einbezogen werden können.


A missed opportunity for the European Court of Justice: the Achbita case


In examining the changing dynamics of the religious phenomenon in contemporary societies, legal reasoning has often employed terms that can give only the illusion of scientific precision. Terms such as “secularism” and “religion” have been often used as they could automatically designate neutral categories. Agostina Pirrello sheds some light on some of the most pressing legal quesions in Europe today.